Holiday beginnings

We’ve been staying busy to say the least.  Work for both Lei and I is full speed ahead and even though we had some time off for Thanksgiving, it feels like the days fly by at record speed.

We spent a few days in Burlington for Thanksgiving eating meals with both sides of the family.




Emerson’s memory is getting impressive, she remembers both grandparent’s houses now and when we aren’t there, requests to be there or “call Bibi Babu” “call Papa Grandma” on a regular basis.



I took Em for a ride on the tractor I grew up mowing my parents property on.  She loved it, even at 5 mph…



Em enjoys an apple after thanksgiving dinner at Bibi and Babu’s.  We were surprised she wanted to keep her necklace on all day (a gift from her friend Helen).


The three of us spent a day together after Thanksgiving with no plans, which seems to rarely happen anymore. As I mentioned before, the lack of daylight really changes things when suddenly the ability to spend evenings together outside is gone.

We had breakfast at the Times and spent the morning walking the deserted city on a holiday weekend.


I think I’ve said this about every age so far, but parenting a 2 year old truly is fun. Em is interested in everything, the smallest activities, new or not, captivate her and make her smile with absolute delight.  It feels like I am personally entering a season of life that requires intense focus with regard to my career.  So, with that in mind, the idea of simple pleasures and true “joy” have come to mean so much more to me.  Without these moments, I find myself delving too far into “serious adult life stuff” and never come up for air.  Having a child forces you to laugh, and without laughter I find myself enjoying life a lot less.

Okay, parental musing over…on to important news…..

We got a Christmas Tree!



Em “smelling” the tree.


Its a true Charlie Brown tree.  Small but mighty, well, maybe mighty is an overstatement but it fits nicely in a house and Em loves it, I’d call that a success.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, it appears that this week we will finally have a full week of winter weather and maybe even some of that little white stuff that falls from the sky.

Until then, happy Sunday night.



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