Goodbye 2016

I’m sitting here on a chilly December day and considering, maybe for the first time all year, just how much has changed in the Ray household over the last 365 days.  I can only think that at some point life changes less each year, maybe when Lei and I are old move to the mountains (beach if you ask her) things will slow down some.  I am not complaining, really I’m not, 2016 has brought an abundance of blessing to our household.  From Emerson growing, learning and continuing to stay healthy, to my job flourishing and opening up a true “career path” for my foreseeable future, I feel very fortunate to say it was a great year for us despite the tumultuous and strife-ridden current state of our country.

When I try to pinpoint the primary “highpoint” of 2016, I think I keep landing on our friends and family.  Our family’s support of Lei and I as parents, and Emerson as a developing little girl is astounding, I really can’t describe it appropriately but I do know I want to give Emerson that same amount of love and support, it really changes everything in life.

Well, I guess I should post some pictures, I tried not to disrupt Christmas celebrations by sticking a camera in everyone’s face, but I did get a few shots during the excitement.


Em’s great grandaddy Bill is always delighted to see her, its always so fun to see how he lights up when she gets there.


The Christmas Eve spread was very strong as usual.


We used lots of Em’s artwork from school to wrap gifts this year, I actually thought it looked pretty cool.


Christmas morning was all about seeing how many boxes Em could fit in.



Em can finally imitate me now that she has her own camera!



It took me all morning to get the fire nice and stoked. To be fair, the stockings were in fact hung by the chimney with care…


My parents made Em an audio book of the Christmas story that is read by them.  I won’t lie, I got teary eyed when I heard it the first time, I remember so well my parents reading to me as a child, it was pretty great to see it continue with Em.


Bad picture, but fun moment at the big capital tree with Em. This Christmas she officially became obsessed with “Tismas Lights” that are of course everywhere in the neighborhood and on our walks.  Its hard to explain to a two year old why you take the tree and lights down after the 25th, to be honest, I am already excited about next Christmas and how excited she will get when the lights come back out.

In lieu of rambling on forever about 2016, I wanted to share what I beleive to be my favorite moments captured with a photo this year.

Happy New Year to all, I sincerely wish you all the best.

















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