First snow, first 70 degree day.

There’s the old saying “don’t like the weather today? Well wait until tomorrow.”  That rings true during a North Carolina January.  We had our first “snow” of the year that was really more of a transformation of Raleigh into an old freezer that has a healthy amount of re-frozen water lining the edges.  However, if there’s one thing North Carolinians are good at, its making the best of a small amount of ice and snow.


We had a great time towing Em around in the sled, its always fun to see Raleigh shut down and everyone out and about.

Em liked the snow, but like many new things, was hesitant to really go nuts.  She spent most of her time asking me to make tiny snowmen for her to laugh at, then knock over. Keeping her hands warm was a constant concern, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves.



On Sunday the street froze over like a real life hockey rink.  I naturally had to make a large fire and stand by it, like any self respecting man would.


The ice persisted for a few days and made driving out of the neighborhood with 2 wheel drive sketchy to say the least.  Thankfully, the cars are intact and I only sustained one pride damaging slip in in front of my neighbors.


After the week of winter weather, things naturally settled down, so much so that it was warm enough to leave the coats and snow boots at home this past weekend and head to the park.


Em is enamored by the “hop hop” at the carousel, I think she would ride it all day.  We met a few friends at the park and I took the below photo that still cracks me up, all these kids are already too cool to smile in photos!


That’s all I’ve got today, I hope everyone is enjoying 2017 so far.

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