Is winter over?

We thought the 70 degree days were a fluke, but apparently they are here to stay.  After a fun long weekend in the mountains we returned to spring.


We had a great time hanging with my parents in the mountains, the weather was perfect on day 1.


Em got lots of great Papa time (and Grandma time).


We took the new car for a spin on the parkway, not much of an overlook as the fog was very thick, but we really enjoyed having a bigger car for the first time on a longer drive. (I made Lei pose in front of the car, she’s not prone to staged photos but I had to).


The sunsets were incredible.  The weather got progressively colder through the week but no snow!  Given the weather patterns this year, I am wondering if true snow days are a thing of the past.  Either way, we had a great time in the highcountry and near the end even had Em pointing at the skyline asking to “go to mountains again.”


There was a really cool lunar eclipse the week after we returned to Raleigh, I was surprised that I was able to capture some of the brilliance with a few photos.



Back to our normal routine, I wonder how many morning buns I’ve consumed since Boulted opened? I actually don’t want to know…


Since I’ve not been able to post as much, Em’s growth progress seems to be happening in leaps and bounds.  She’s loving school and chatters away constantly about the various heavy equipment machines in the neighborhood now (new development going in around the corner).   Anything big and loud is fun, almost as much fun as trying to unlock the deadbolt on the door which is the only thing keep her from escaping!



Lei and I learn something new everyday as parents.  2017 has been full of decisions so far and some of them really hard.  We are so fortunate to have a healthy child and one that makes every day exciting and challenging (in the best of ways).  It feels like its going to be a fast paced year, 2016 was fairly restful for us as we had no major life changes take place.  I’m not sure what it is about this year, but it just feels like its going to be a wild ride.

Speaking of which, I am going to start my day and hesitantly open my work e-mail…

Happy Monday!

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