We’re back.

We went through our longest posting drought in quiet some time but I am hoping to get back into a nice rhythm again as I’ve been rich on thoughts but poor on time it seems.

The spring has been a whirlwind for our family.  Lei started a full time job and my job has been demanding on a whole new level.  I’ve written a lot in the past about time management and how putting family and career each in their respective places in life are so important, well, as most things go, I am re-learning how to do this all over again.  Everyday is a challenge to be present, thoughtful and patient with Em and Lei while quickly moving into “work mode” and focusing on the fast paced timelines during my 8-5.

None of this is bad, its actually very good, it teaches Leilani and I to communicate well and always put each other and Emerson first in our lives.  Life never gets boring, and while in the moment it feels like its all flying by, I love it all and need to get back into the habit of just sitting down and letting it all sink in.

The spring has finally brought a wave of warm weather to Raleigh, and I’ve been back to my ways of toting the camera around to record Em’s antics.


Her “Winpeel” follows us everywhere and was chosen to take to school on Friday for “share day.”


Em is officially a big girl now.  We are well into potty training and down to diapers at night and during nap.  Speech has exploded and its a constant conversation about anything and everything on her mind.  Today she asked me for a “blanco sheet of paper” when was exciting that she’s retaining a few words from her Thursday Spanish class!

The neighborhood is alive again as all the kids are breaking out their various forms of transportation.


Em is still small, she struggles to ride any sort of bike as she can barely reach the pedals or ground on most bikes or scooters. Chalk, bubbles and throwing Levi the ball are at the top of her activity list these days.



After Levi chewed up a bottle of sunscreen and diaper cream over the course of 1 week, we felt like we may need to make a concerted effort to spend more time with him at the park.  Levi has always been a worrisome dog and is happiest when we are all sitting still and relaxing at home.




After a few hours working in the yard Lei and I relaxed last night before the rain moved in.  We woke up today to a sick little girl and will probably spend the rest of the day on the couch watching Little Einsteins.  However, today I don’t feel my usual level of worry when heading in the week with a sick Emmy, we will figure it out, we always do, and there’s really nothing I’d rather be doing than facing each day with the people I love around me.

Cheers everyone.

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